Contributing and Testing

This guide will cover settings up ORC for local development and testing.

Setup Dependencies

First, setup your development environment. Install Node.js for your platform and build dependencies.

Debian >= 10 / Ubuntu >= 18.04

Make sure you have the required packages to setup the repository source:

sudo apt install gnupg2 lsb-release software-properties-common curl

Install Node.js from the NodeSource repositories to make sure we get a recent enough version.

curl -sL | sudo bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Install other development dependencies.

sudo apt install build-essential libsecret-1-dev tor git


Download and install Node.js from the website. Then, in

xcode-select --install


Windows is not yet supported (maybe ever) and may not build at all.

npm install windows-build-tools --global

Clone and Build

Clone this repository and install the dependencies:

git clone
cd orc
npm install

Note that the application and the server daemon use different runtimes, so it's necessary to rebuild native modules when switching from testing the app to the daemon using npm rebuild.

Setup Test Network

The best way to work on ORC, is to use the included network simulation script. Install Docker and Docker Compose.

On Debian-based systems:

sudo apt install docker docker-compose

Make sure you add your user to the Docker group:

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Now you can run the sandbox!

npm run start-sandbox

This will volume mount the the appropriate directories for development, and then boots up a complete sandboxed ORC network, including a complete sandboxed Tor network and once bootstrapped, binds ports 10089, 11089, 12089, 13089, and 14089 to the host for full end-to-end testing using 5 nodes in a trusted grid. Each of these nodes can be controlled in your web browser by visiting their respective ports.

The passphrase for each running node is Simulation for accessing the web interfaces. You can also access the API (see Using the REST API).

Connect App To Sandbox

Give the sandbox moment to bootstrap and then run the ORC application in debug mode:

npm run debug-app

The development container does not persist state between runs. Note that stable releases are tagged and the master branch may contain unstable or bleeding-edge code. Happy hacking!